Jeanie Jo & Joanna Project

Cooking through Magnolia Table Cookbook Vol 1 & 2, the Jeanie Jo & Joanna Project.

#1 New York Times Bestseller Magnolia Table Vol 1 & 2 are infused with Joanna Gaines’ warmth and passion for all things family, prepared and served straight from the heart of her home, with recipes inspired by dozens of Gaines family favorites and classic comfort selections from the couple’s new Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table.

Magnolia Table Vol 1 includes 125 classic recipes–from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, and desserts–presenting a modern selection of American classics and personal family favorites. Complemented by her love for her garden, these dishes also incorporate homegrown, seasonal produce at the peak of its flavor. Inside Magnolia Table, you’ll find recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Magnolia Table, Vol 2 is filled with 145 new recipes from her own home that she shares with husband Chip and their five kids, and from the couple’s restaurant, Magnolia Table; Silos Baking Co; and new coffee shop, Magnolia Press. From breakfast to dinner, plus breads, soups, and sides, Magnolia Table, Volume 2 gives readers abundant reasons to gather together. The book is beautifully photographed and filled with dishes you’ll want to bring into your own home.

Cooking through Magnolia Table Cookbook Vol 1 & 2

RECIPES 18/312

Banana Bread (After-School)Magnolia Vol 169🌻
Biscuits (JoJo’s)Magnolia Vol 118🌻
Blueberry Muffins
w/ Streusel Topping
Magnolia Vol 265
Blueberry Sweet Rolls
w/ Lemon Glaze
Magnolia Vol 273🌻
Braided LoafMagnolia Vol 251
Cinnamon Swirl BreadMagnolia Vol 261
Cinnamon Swirl & Walnut Quick Bread
w/ Crunchy Walnut Topping
Magnolia Vol 158
Coffee CakeMagnolia Vol 269
CornbreadMagnolia Vol 1262🌻
CrostiniMagnolia Vol 249🌻
Dinner RollsMagnolia Vol 247
FocacciaMagnolia Vol 245🌻
Garlic KnotsMagnolia Vol 243
Herbed Cheddar SconesMagnolia Vol 1136
Jalapeno CornbreadMagnolia Vol 1262
Lemon Poppy Seed BreadMagnolia Vol 1317
Maple Walnut SconesMagnolia Vol 271
Monkey BreadMagnolia Vol 267
PretzelsMagnolia Vol 255
Prize Pig (Biscuits)Magnolia Vol 259
Pumpkin Cream Cheese BreadMagnolia Vol 263
Roasted Elephant Garlic BreadMagnolia Vol 1137
Tortillas (Homemade)Magnolia Vol 231
Zucchini BreadMagnolia Vol 257
Asparagus & Fontina QuicheMagnolia Vol 127
Bacon Cheddar CupsMagnolia Vol 2102
Bacon & Gruyere Drop BiscuitsMagnolia Vol 149
Bacon & Leak QuicheMagnolia Vol 283
Baked Egg Bread Pudding
with Spinach, Boursin & Bacon
Magnolia Vol 129
Buttermilk Blueberry PuffMagnolia Vol 1291
Blueberry Sweet Rolls
w/ Lemon Glaze
Magnolia Vol 273🌻
Cinnamon SquaresMagnolia Vol 165
Eggs Benedict CasseroleMagnolia Vol 135
Farmhouse OmletMagnolia Vol 297
French ToastMagnolia Vol 287
Garlic Cheese GritsMagnolia Vol 131
Huevos RancherosMagnolia Vol 293
Kale & Bacon Hash Brown CasseroleMagnolia Vol 299
Migas CasseroleMagnolia Vol 295
Mushroom Gruyere QuicheMagnolia Vol 279
Mushroom, Spinach & Swiss Cheese QuicheMagnolia Vol 123
Orange SconesMagnolia Vol 161
Overnight French ToastMagnolia Vol 141
Pancakes (The Best Ever Fluffy)Magnolia Vol 151
Pecan PancakesMagnolia Vol 285🌻
Quick Orange-Walnut Sweet RollsMagnolia Vol 157
Rancher’s Steak & EggsMagnolia Vol 281
Ricotta PancakesMagnolia Vol 155
Sausage & Hash Brown CasseroleMagnolia Vol 133
Savory Ham & Cheese Bread Pudding
with Tomato Hollandaise
Magnolia Vol 137
Skillet Potato HashMagnolia Vol 2103
Sweet Pepper & Pancetta FrittataMagnolia Vol 195
Syrian DonutsMagnolia Vol 145
Table Skillet PorridgeMagnolia Vol 2101
Three – Cheese QuicheMagnolia Vol 125
Vanilla Cake Donuts
w/ Maple Glaze
Magnolia Vol 139
w/ Strawberry Butter
Magnolia Vol 289
Aunt Mary’s Cherry MashersMagnolia Vol 2289
Aunt Opal’s Banana PuddingMagnolia Vol 1287
Aunt Opal’s Coconut Cream PieMagnolia Vol 2311
BaklavaMagnolia Vol 2279
Bevie’s Chocolate RollMagnolia Vol 1297
Black Forest CakeMagnolia Vol 2321
Broiled Honey Thyme Peaches
w/ Ice Cream & Aged Balsamic
Magnolia Vol 1281
Brownie PieMagnolia Vol 1277🌻
Candied PecansMagnolia Vol 1294
Cherry – Almond CrispMagnolia Vol 1279
Chocolate Chip CookiesMagnolia Vol 1307
Chocolate – Cola Cake/
with Chocolate – Cola Buttercream
Magnolia Vol 1295
Chocolate Dipped Shortbread CookiesMagnolia Vol 1311
Chocolate Orange Bread PuddingMagnolia Vol 1293
Chocolate SoufflesMagnolia Vol 2291
Classic CheesecakeMagnolia Vol 2287
Creme Brulee
with Fresh Berries
Magnolia Vol 2295
Crew CookiesMagnolia Vol 2319
Dessert CrepesMagnolia Vol 2317
Double – Crusted Key Lime PieMagnolia Vol 2303
Dulce De Leche Apple PieMagnolia Vol 1273
Flourless Chocolate CakeMagnolia Vol 2307
French Silk PieMagnolia Vol 2281
Jo’s Peanut Butter BallsMagnolia Vol 2285
Key Lime Icebox CookiesMagnolia Vol 1314
Lemon Angel Food CakeMagnolia Vol 1303
Lemon Bundt CakeMagnolia Vol 1301
Lemon & Lavender IceBox CookiesMagnolia Vol 1313
Lemon Lavender TartMagnolia Vol 2309
Lemon PieMagnolia Vol 1269
Linnie Mae’s Pound CakeMagnolia Vol 2301
Lucy’s Peanut Butter BrowniesMagnolia Vol 2277
Magnolia Press Chocolate CakeMagnolia Vol 2299
Mina’s Lemon BarsMagnolia Vol 1309
Mocha Trifle CupsMagnolia Vol 1289
Naked Coconut CakeMagnolia Vol 2283
Oatmeal Cream PiesMagnolia Vol 2305
Peach & Almond Tart
w/ Whipped Mascarpone
Magnolia Vol 1270
Peach CobblerMagnolia Vol 2275
Silo CookiesMagnolia Vol 2315🌻
Spiced Pecan PieMagnolia Vol 1275
Strawberry PieMagnolia Vol 2297
Strawberry ShortcakeMagnolia Vol 1285
Tres Leches CakeMagnolia Vol 2293🌻
Almond Chicken TenderloinsMagnolia Vol 1211
Angel Hair Pasta
w/ Lemon & White Wine Scampi Sauce
Magnolia Vol 2261
Baked Chicken
W/ Bacon Bottom & Wild Rice
Magnolia Vol 1221
Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza
w/ Bell Peppers
Magnolia Vol 2221
BBQ Chicken PizzaMagnolia Vol 2220
Becki’s Mac & CheeseMagnolia Vol 1169
Beef EnchiladasMagnolia Vol 1257🌻
Beef StroganoffMagnolia Vol 2253
Beef Tenderloin
w/ Pickled Jalapeno Sour Cream
Magnolia Vol 1250
Blackened Fish Tacos
w/ Red Cabbage & Mango Slaw
Magnolia Vol 1234
Bow Tie Pasta
w/ Baby Kale & Sun Dried Tomatoes
Magnolia Vol 1229
Braised Short RibsMagnolia Vol 2239
Cacio e PepeMagnolia Vol 2215
Cajun Shrimp Sheet Pan DinnerMagnolia Vol 2237
Chicken & DumplingsMagnolia Vol 1215
Chicken FlorentineMagnolia Vol 2225
Chicken Fried SteakMagnolia Vol 2217
Chicken ParmesanMagnolia Vol 2229
Chicken Pecan Asparagus CasseroleMagnolia Vol 2203
Chicken Puff Pastries
w/ Bechamel Sauce
Magnolia Vol 2255
Chicken Mushroom Spinach CrepesMagnolia Vol 2211
Chicken Piccata
w/ Artichoke Hearts
Magnolia Vol 1217
Chicken Piccata
w/ Roasted Zucchini & Meyer Lemons
Magnolia Vol 2209
Chicken Pot PieMagnolia Vol 1197
Chicken SpaghettiMagnolia Vol 1213
Chicken Street TacosMagnolia Vol 2247
Chili (Gaines Family)Magnolia Vol 1256
Cod in Parchment
w/ Lemon & Vegetables
Magnolia Vol 1237
Dedication CasseroleMagnolia Vol 1199
Dutch Oven Lasagna Magnolia Vol 2243
Fatayar (Jo’s)Magnolia Vol 1244
Fettuccine AlfredoMagnolia Vol 1219
Flatbread Pizza with
Prosciutto & New Potatoes
Magnolia Vol 187
Fresh Spinach & Leek RisottoMagnolia Vol 1227
Fried ChickenMagnolia Vol 1223🌻
Friendsgiving CasseroleMagnolia Vol 2267
Gaines Brother BurgersMagnolia Vol 181
Grandpa Stevens Cabbage RollsMagnolia Vol 2259
Grandpa Stevens’ Stuffed Grape LeavesMagnolia Vol 2257
Grilled Bruschetta ChickenMagnolia Vol 2231
Grilled Raspberry – Chipotle
Pork Tenderloin
Magnolia Vol 1235
Grilled SalmonMagnolia Vol 1231
Ham & Swiss Stuffed Chicken RouladesMagnolia Vol 2269
Honey Garlic Chicken
Magnolia Vol 2233
Italian Chicken SteakMagnolia Vol 2213
King Ranch ChickenMagnolia Vol 1207
Margherita PizzaMagnolia Vol 2219
Meat LoafMagnolia Vol 1259
Mom’s BulgogiMagnolia Vol 1240
Mrs. Gail’s ChickenMagnolia Vol 1219
Orecchiette PancettaMagnolia Vol 2199
Perfect Roast ChickenMagnolia Vol 1203
Pulled Brisket SlidersMagnolia Vol 2263
Pulled Pork Street TacosMagnolia Vol 2249
Rib Eye SteaksMagnolia Vol 2245
Seafood GumboMagnolia Vol 2227
Shepherd’s PieMagnolia Vol 1246
Shrimp & GritsMagnolia Vol 2207
Sour Cream Chicken EnchiladasMagnolia Vol 1193
Steak Tacos with Mexican CremaMagnolia Vol 2248
Sunday Supper Beef TipsMagnolia Vol 1263
Sunday Pot RoastMagnolia Vol 2205
Weeknight Salmon w/
New Potatoes & Fresh Dill
Magnolia Vol 2235
White Vegetable LasagnaMagnolia Vol 2241
Whole Roasted Chicken
w/ Roasted Potatoes, Carrots & Broccolini
Magnolia Vol 2197
Apple Cider SaladMagnolia Vol 1119
Asian SaladMagnolia Vol 2131
Avocado Grapefruit SaladMagnolia Vol 2123
Brussels Sprouts SaladMagnolia Vol 1115
ColeslawMagnolia Vol 2264
Cucumber Kimchi SaladMagnolia Vol 1240
Layered Arugula SaladMagnolia Vol 1121
Lebanese SaladMagnolia Vol 1244
Mexican Party SaladMagnolia Vol 2129
Mexican -Style Jicama SaladMagnolia Vol 1207
Meyer Lemons & Creamy Cucumber SaladMagnolia Vol 1231
Peach CapreseMagnolia Vol 1117
Romaine SaladMagnolia Vol 1125
Salade NicoiseMagnolia Vol 2127
Sweet Kale SaladMagnolia Vol 2125
Table Salad (Jo’s Quick)Magnolia Vol 1127
Vermicelli SaladMagnolia Vol 2165
BLT SandwichesMagnolia Vol 175
Brick Paninis – MargheritaMagnolia Vol 2223
Brick Paninis – Turkey & Roasted Red pepperMagnolia Vol 2223
Chicken Salad Croissant SandwichesMagnolia Vol 184
Curry Chicken Salad
w/ Toasted Nuts
Magnolia Vol 179
Egg Salad SandwichesMagnolia Vol 193
Grilled Cheese StripsMagnolia Vol 1107
Grilled Havarti, Tomato & Basil SandwichesMagnolia Vol 191
Monte Cristo SandwichesMagnolia Vol 2251🌻
Philly CheesesteaksMagnolia Vol 2201
1919 Pimento CheeseMagnolia Vol 189
Apple Cider VinaigretteMagnolia Vol 1119
Bacon – Tomato Drip JamMagnolia Vol 182
Baked BrieMagnolia Vol 1150
Baked Spinach Artichoke DipMagnolia Vol 1139
Balsamic ReductionMagnolia Vol 1166
Black Peppercorn GravyMagnolia Vol 2217
Brown Sage ButterMagnolia Vol 236
Blueberry CompoteMagnolia Vol 1303
Buttered Walnuts or PecansMagnolia Vol 1123
Buttermilk Ranch DressingMagnolia Vol 1126
Cheese Ball #1 Cracked Black PepperMagnolia Vol 2154
Cheese Ball #2 ParsleyMagnolia Vol 2154
Cheese Ball #3 Sesame SeedsMagnolia Vol 2154
Cheese Ball #4 WalnutsMagnolia Vol 2154
Cheese DipMagnolia Vol 256
Classic Gravy (BoBo’s)Magnolia Vol 121
Croutons (Skillet)Magnolia Vol 1125
French Onion DipMagnolia Vol 2153
Fresh Tomato SalsaMagnolia Vol 1157
GuacamoleMagnolia Vol 1145
Gnocchi (Homemade)Magnolia Vol 234
Graham Cracker CrustMagnolia Vol 225
Herb Butter (Becki’s)Magnolia Vol 253
Herb Mayo (Easy)Magnolia Vol 177
Holiday Cranberry SauceMagnolia Vol 2265
Homemade Chicken BrothMagnolia Vol 1216
Hot Fudge SauceMagnolia Vol 1298
Jalapeno Drip JamMagnolia Vol 183
Maple ButterMagnolia Vol 291
Marinara Sauce (Jo’s)Magnolia Vol 236
NoodlesMagnolia Vol 233
Party Dip (Last Minute)Magnolia Vol 1149
Party QuesoMagnolia Vol 1135
Pear VinaigretteMagnolia Vol 1121
PestoMagnolia Vol 237
Pickled JalapenosMagnolia Vol 1255
Pickled Red OnionMagnolia Vol 2165
Pie Crust (Homemade)Magnolia Vol 1
Magnolia Vol 2
Pizza Dough (Homemade)Magnolia Vol 229
Poppy Seed DressingMagnolia Vol 2125
Red Wine VinaigretteMagnolia Vol 1127
Remoulade Sauce (Quick)Magnolia Vol 1186
Shredded Chicken (Poached Chicken Breasts)Magnolia Vol 185
Strawberry ButterMagnolia Vol 290
Strawberry Jam (Pop’s)Magnolia Vol 120
Sticky Poppy Seed JamMagnolia Vol 1225
Sweet VinaigretteMagnolia Vol 2131
Tart ShellMagnolia Vol 227
Toasted PepitasMagnolia Vol 1114
Vanilla Maple SyrupMagnolia Vol 290
Whipped Cream (Homemade)Magnolia Vol 1285
White Bean HummusMagnolia Vol 1153
Black-Eyed Peas (Overnight)Magnolia Vol 2176🌻
Broccoli & Rice CasseroleMagnolia Vol 2173
Brussels Sprouts w/
Crispy Bacon & Toasted Pecans
Magnolia Vol 1165
Bulgar SaladMagnolia Vol 2187
Cauliflower CouscousMagnolia Vol 2163
Cilantro Lime RiceMagnolia Vol 2171
Creamed Corn SpoonBreadMagnolia Vol 1187
Creamy PolentaMagnolia Vol 2185
Creamy Squash Casserole
W/ Green Chiles
Magnolia Vol 1177
Dutch Oven Cabbage & BaconMagnolia Vol 1170
Fried Green TomatoesMagnolia Vol 1186
Garlic & Herb TomatoesMagnolia Vol 1183
Greek Pasta SaladMagnolia Vol 2183
Green Beans AmandineMagnolia Vol 1175
Hasselback PotatoesMagnolia Vol 2167
Homemade Green Bean CassseroleMagnolia Vol 2189
Honey Thyme Roasted CarrotsMagnolia Vol 2169
Macaroni SaladMagnolia Vol 2184🌻
Mashed PotatoesMagnolia Vol 1181
Mexican RiceMagnolia Vol 1195
Old – Fashioned Corn CasseroleMagnolia Vol 2172
Onion Rings with Spicy Ranch DressingMagnolia Vol 2175
Potato Gratin Mini StacksMagnolia Vol 1179
Potato SaladMagnolia Vol 2177
Roasted Asparagus
w/ Red Wine Bearnaise Sauce
Magnolia Vol 1163
Roasted Rosemary Sweet PotatoesMagnolia Vol 2170
Scalloped PotatoesMagnolia Vol 1173
Souffleed Broccoli CasseroleMagnolia Vol 1171
Southern Sweet Potato CasseroleMagnolia Vol 2191
Spring Vegetable RisottoMagnolia Vol 2181
Steamed Artichokes
w/ Garlic Butter
Magnolia Vol 1185
Zucchini Squash StrataMagnolia Vol 2179
AranciniMagnolia Vol 2143
Baked Bruschetta
w/ Tomato, Basil & Fotina
Magnolia Vol 1143
Beck’s CrackersMagnolia Vol 1147
Caprese – Bruschetta Trio (1of3)Magnolia Vol 2141
Charcuterie BoardMagnolia Vol 2157
Chewy Granola BarsMagnolia Vol 2313
Deviled EggsMagnolia Vol 1133
Garlic ToastMagnolia Vol 1139
Ham & Spinach PuffsMagnolia Vol 2149
Mini Cheese Ball BitesMagnolia Vol 2155
Pesto Burrata
w/ Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Magnolia Vol 2145
Prosciutto & Brie – Bruschetta Trio (2of3)Magnolia Vol 2141
Prosciutto – Wrapped ApplesMagnolia Vol 2139
Puff Pastry
w/ Brie & Jam
Magnolia Vol 2137
Roasted Garlic BulbsMagnolia Vol 2147
Sheet Pan NachosMagnolia Vol 1151
Steak & Arugula – Bruschetta Trio (3of3)Magnolia Vol 2141
Twice Baked New PotatoesMagnolia Vol 2151
Autumn Butternut Squash SoupMagnolia Vol 1113
Beef StewMagnolia Vol 1261
Black-Eyed Peas (Overnight)Magnolia Vol 2176🌻
Chicken Soup
w/ Homemade Noodles
Magnolia Vol 2117
Chicken & Wild Rice SoupMagnolia Vol 1105
Classic MinestroneMagnolia Vol 2119
Country Potato Soup
w/ Crumbled Bacon
Magnolia Vol 1103
Creamy Chicken Poblano SoupMagnolia Vol 2113
French Lentil SoupMagnolia Vol 2111
French Onion SoupMagnolia Vol 2115🌻
Mom’s Seaweed SoupMagnolia Vol 2121
Roasted Cauliflower SoupMagnolia Vol 1104
Sausage & Kale SoupMagnolia Vol 1109
Spinach Tortellini SoupMagnolia Vol 2109
Tomato Basil SoupMagnolia Vol 1107
Tortilla SoupMagnolia Vol 1101🌻
White Cheddar BisqueMagnolia Vol 1111🌻